Fighter Update 2

We are basically all the way down with filming! I believe we clocked in at a totally of 22 hours in 2 days.

Here are some photos of the second half of our first day of shooting! I dressed/styled/did makeup for the actors and oversaw the art direction in the construction of the makeshift ring and surrounding environment. I think out of the two days of filming this location in particular was my favorite and also the most challenging for me. We got some awesome footage overall and I’m ready to film the last 2 scenes and see how it turns out after post!


fighter/toasted update

I accumulated some props/things that would be assembled together to create the makeshift boxing ring:

I also am getting in contact with makeup artists/ getting familiar with how to do it myself!

I wrote the script for the 2nd short film and created a mood board of sorts for it. It’s going to be more of an experimental narrative. I took influences from movies such as Trainspotting, American Beauty, Office Space, and then drew inspiration from 80’s punk/hardcore music and VHS psa videos. Essentially this short film would be about a person stuck in the perpetual work cycle, and they are just waiting for their toast to pop out of the toaster. Although the plot is pretty simple, the concept is more complex. I want it to be touching on the intensity that can be extracted from mundane activities, the paranoid behavior that stems from societal routine, and different forms of escapism that people use to distract themselves from everyday life. It’s honestly kind of a critique on the conventional, and so potentially using VHS to shoot it would be enforcing “medium is the message”.



Creative Habit: Final


The Girl’s Room Zine, title page

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been dedicating 1 hour a day to creating what is now The Girl’s Room. What is it exactly? I’m still not entirely sure. It’s definitely a zine, which by definition is a homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter. What’s special about The Girl’s Room  though, is it is more than just a zine, it’s a mindset that I have began to adopt and practice.

What started out as a class project, has manifested itself into a documentation of the healing process, adapting with difficult change, and empowering oneself with positive and feminine energy. I see this as volume I of several, it may be the end of this project, but it is the beginning for The Girl’s Room.

The Girl’s Room, pgs. 1, 2, 11

In addition to the zine, I created 100+ pins inspired by The Girl’s Room to be handed out along with it. The images on the pins either come directly from the pages, or possess the same qualities as the zine itself.

The most challenging aspect of all of this was the physical construction of the zine itself. Each picture was edited (mainly simple edits, some more intensive), printed out, collaged upon, taped, and drawn on. After I made the rough zine, I proceeded to scan each page in, and organize the pages correctly in order for the zine to be printed out successfully. It was tedious, but I enjoyed it regardless.

I ended up selling a few zines and many pins at an art show in Athens, OH. While I was there I had the opportunity to listen to a woman speak, who was heavily involved in the underground press during the 1990’s, and has printed and distributed her zines worldwide. I believe she is currently in the masters program at OU (unfortunately I never caught her name).

To view the full color zine visit my website,

Creative Habits: Progress 3

I figured out the layout I wanted for the zine! I also finalized the pages to make them more visually appealing. Below is a link to the pages in color! 

The Girls Room Zine

Below are some images of the “cut and paste” version of the zine before I scanned it in!   
Here is a black and white scanned in version- I still need to figure out how to set it up in a way where it’s double sided so I don’t have to paste the pages together with tape.


Creative Habits Progress 2

This week I worked on continuing pages for my zine! I am beginning to develop a more clear style/theme for the zine. I went to Cincinnati over the weekend to find inspiration there..which was successful! I found a neat little art shop that sold a ton of zines/DIY stuff so I looked through those and talked to the shop owners for a little bit. Here are some more pages:


I also began to mess around with the actual layout of the zine. I did some research on different methods of printing out zines. I tried one where you use one sheet of paper and arrange 8 images together and then fold the page weird. It worked out fine, but it’s too small and doesn’t really work for the type of zine I’m making. It’s definitely the most efficient way, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to cut and paste in real life, scan the pages again, and then physically staple them together. It’s a process. Here are the pics of the mini zine (v rough)


Creative Habits: Progress

After fumbling around with my idea, I finally developed a decent perspective on it. I realized that what I am doing is essentially creating zine pages. I have made one other zine in the past, which turned out successful (and sold well at a DIY fest in Athens, OH). Below are some of the pages from that zine titled “Red Lights Aren’t Telling You to Stop That’s What Stop Signs Are For”. I made it while in a car on my way to Los Angeles.







I’ve been meaning to make another one, and this is the perfect time to do that! So each day I’ll be making 1-2 pages of this new zine, which I think I’m going to title “Bedside”. That title is appropriate for a lot of reasons, I thought of this idea while in bed (haha), and the ideas for the work I have been making for this project all seemed to generate from me laying in bed and thinking. Tbh the only things I do there are read, write, think, and if I’m lucky, sleep.

So over this past week I have made about 5 pages. I found that I would wake up in the morning with some sort of dominating thought – and then I would find time in-between classes to crank out a page. It’s honestly been super hard to stop myself after an hour because this is the stuff I do when I’m procrastinating the work I should be doing for my classes. This is the stuff I made to procrastinate this class (lol sorry), so it’s like…if I can’t make these types of things…what am I going to spend my time procrastinating doing? My actual homework? The time spent on this project doesn’t feel like work at all and it’s always sad to see that my hour is over because then I have to do my homework. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been this on top of my homework since ever though, so that’s an upside.

I digress – here are the pages I have so far!


On December 5th, there’s actually an art fest in Athens, and I was able to organize my own booth there! Maybe if I’m efficient I’ll be able to finish the pages, finalize the layout, and print them out in time to try to sell!

Creative habits 

For this project I will be doing small sketches, and then taking the drawing and finishing it / adding detail digitally. I miss making some type of fine art so this will be a way for me to get back into it!  

   I believe that fine art and time based/digital newer art shouldn’t necessarily be seperate worlds. I think that I’ll even consider overlaying some of my art into video, but I’m not sure how long the could take. I have a sketchbook for this project that I’ve already started filling up so woo! **i don’t use reference but when I do it’s photos I take***

POE Progress

Matt, Olivia, Jay, and I finished up filming (totaling 20+ hours all together!). Matt was the main camera, but I brought most the the equipment that was used. I assisted Matt with working withe camera, helped Olivia direct Jay, provided the transportation for Jay and Matt, and made sure Jay was comfortable throughout the shooting process (food runs haha). After filming I helped Dustin edit the film. I tried to color correct the images, but it was just impossible to make it look okay. I edited the last bit of the film. Oh! I also filmed the live actions clips in the documentary. Like I said in my last blog post, my computer is unfortunately broken, so it’s been a challenge to maintain these blogposts since I am usually always busy during the day, and tend to do my work later in the night at home.

This whole project felt like once mishap right after the other, but our group always found a way to push through, which is awesome.

Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks of filming since I was not able to upload them last week!

unnamed-4 unnamed-1 unnamed-3 unnamed-2 unnamed


Last week Olivia, Matt, and I began filming the establishing shots. I had recently got my hands on a Nikon 7000 with some awesome lenses so Matt for the most part used that to film, while I filmed some B roll with his camera and assisted Olivia with setting up the set. Unfortunately, my laptop broke, so it’s been difficult to upload the B roll that I filmed, but hopefully I will be able to do that later tonight! On Tuesday, Olivia was sick, so I went to the library to plan out some shots that I did of the exterior of my apartment (since its terribly creepy and weird). As for now I am all caught up on the tasks Olivia has given me, and I believe we are filming the rest this Sunday! 🙂

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